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Alexander Nicolas, Assoc. AIA

Associate Member of The American Institute of Architects (39247547)

Professional Member of the American Institute of Building Design: A.I.B.D. (2466080)

Chairman of The American Institute of Building Design, Tampa Bay Chapter 

        For over 19 years Alexander Nicolas has been designing and building incredible home across the country. When he was only 23, he became the youngest person to ever design & build his own ultra modern home in Hollywood Hills, CA. He still holds the record to this day.

        A client asked him to design a home across the country in St. Petersburg, FL and he quickly fell in love with the city and decided to do the impossible and design and build a Hollywood Hills spec view home in Florida. After studying topographic maps for months he found the one street with an unusually high elevation, just the right distance from the city skyline, and a clear unobstructed view from the finished floor rooftop elevation. He currently designs incredible masterpiece homes for clients around the world and is a full-time resident of St. Petersburg, FL


He is dedicated to improving the lives of residents in St Petersburg, FL :


Serving on the Bloomberg-Harvard City Leadership redevelopment panel for Tropicana Field

Awarded Neighborhood President of the Year for outstanding leadership and accomplishments by Mayor Kriseman ( City of St Petersburg, FL) 


Appointed as a Board Member of City Beautiful Commission for the

City of St. Petersburg, FL 

Served on the Citizens Advisory Committee Board Member for South St. Petersburg

Appointed by the Mayor of St. Petersburg, FL 

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