Successful Women Talk

By | July 6, 2012

The Client

The Founder and CEO of Me Giant Inc. decided to create SWT, “The show created to educate, entertain and empower women”. The episodes feature long format interviews with successful woman entrepreneurs, telling us who they are and how they did it.

The Challenge

The design had to be something all successful female entrepreneurs could stand behind and it had to highlight the focus of the show, i.e. the stories these women tell.

The Solution

The solution had to avoid the most obvious stereotypical female graphic elements to maintain focus on the content of the show.

I decided to go with a bold, tall, sans-serif font to communicate courage and respectability.

I’ve used two colors and negative space: orange, the most vibrant color, as a synonym for the level of energy required to be successful at business and dark grey to suggest maturity and intelligence.

Using a text bubble was the obvious choice to highlight the core content of the show. I’ve tilted it to avoid seeming too serious, since one of the show’s aims is to entertain.


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