By | July 6, 2012

The Product

Philanthropist is a browser extension that ensures your shopping is affiliated with an associates account. This direct a portion of the money you spend to the projects or people you pick, making you a Philanthropist.

The Challenge

The design challenge was to create an image for the new extension which makes charity look fun, effortless and noble. Another point to communicate was the user’s anonymity.

The Solution

You can tell how well the solution fits the design challenge by trying to come up with a better concept, if you manage, I’d be interested in hearing from you. The name “Philanthropist” asks for a character, preferably a noble one, so I went with 19th century gentleman.

He had to be anonymous, without screaming “I’m anonymous!”, so I decided not to use a question mark. I simply let the negative space do the talking.

The tipped hat and the smiling/winking eye create an approachable and fun appearance, inviting the users to find out more about it, and making it easier for them to associate themselves with this character.

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