Nikola T. Free Hand Script

By | October 5, 2012

Like many graphic designers who consider going into type design, I have created a font based on my own handwriting, to find out whether it is something I consider worth doing.

While the process itself can be rewarding if you happen to like Bézier curves, the real reward comes at the end when you get to take it for its first test drive at 80 words per minute.

I have designed Nikola T. Free Hand to mimic the natural strokes made by a pencil on paper while maintaining legibility and readability even at small sizes, such as 12pt. It works well both in block text and as large individual words. I haven’t included diacritics; the font contains only what is seen in the preview.

If you are a collector and you can’t stand not having it, feel free to pick up a copy on Graphic River, it is available for both Mac and PC in both OpenType and TrueType formats.


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