My Logo Design Process Summary

What follows is a brief insight into my design process to give you an idea of how I work and where your assistance will be needed.

1. Briefing

I have created a briefing form which I ask that you kindly fill out. This helps us save time by maintaining focus on what exactly we need to accomplish.

After reviewing the information you provided I will contact you with a couple of follow-up questions and recommendations.

2. Research

Once I understand what you are all about, I will analyze your current and past visual identities and see how your existing brand equity can be carried over.

I will also look into your competitors’ brand identities and see if I can exploit any weaknesses in their visuals.

3. Brainstorming

A two part process:

First, I create a mind map which helps me explore all possible design directions emerging from the information I’ve gathered.

Then, after allowing my ideas to mature for a day or two, I review, expand and finish the mind map, highlighting the most relevant ideas with the best potential for visual interpretation.

4. Visual Research

I check the trademark vaults to avoid any visual conflicts with existing designs.

5. Sketching & Rendering

After getting your feedback on my strongest concepts, I start sketching them out obsessively while listening to Beethoven’s fifth, exploring all shapes and sizes, reaching over hundred sketches on average.

Then, I digitally render the best options using industry standard graphics software.

6. Presentation

You can expect to receive a PDF document with two or three options shown in context.

7. Refining

Based on your feedback I will refine the best design until we are both satisfied with the outcome.

8. Delivery

I send you the artwork via email or make it available for you to download in all required file formats. Then, I throw confetti in the air and celebrate.

9. Service

Once the project is complete I am available to answer any design related questions you may have, and to provide feedback on how the design has been applied.


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