Design Prices

My logo and icon design price range is $300-$1500. The following options will help you decide what price is right for you.

Starter Package

Price: $300-$600

If you just need an independent logo or icon designed, and you are a freelancer, small business or start-up business.

Pro Package

Price: $700-$900

If you need a logo or icon and supporting visual identity design elements (stationery, social media visuals etc.) and are an independent professional, small or medium sized business.

Full Package

Price: $1000-$1500 (plus web development)

If you need a complete identity design and you want to rely on it as the coreĀ of your communication strategy and are a medium or large business, you are looking at over $1000 plus web development costs. This will take at least one month to complete because it requires thorough research on my side, and I will need to bring a web development team on board.

Economy Package

Price: $150-$300

From time to time I accept projects in this range, if my workload allows me to and the project is relatively simple.

A 50% markup will apply for emergency timing.

Payment Structure

Some clients prefer to pay upfront to get finances out of the way and focus exclusively on the project, while others prefer to pay progressively as the project develops.

Progressive payment means four separate transactions:

1) A scheduling deposit (5%) is required to lock your project in my calendar. This is a safety net in case the project gets cancelled.

2) A starting deposit (45%) is needed to begin work on the project and make sure we are both committed to seeing it through.

3) A milestone payment (25%) will be made after we reach a clear visual direction and we are about to finish the project.

4) The final payment (25%) is required before I send you the final files and the copyright transfer form.

Payment Methods

I accept payment via bank transfer, PayPal, eCheck or Western Union.

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