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Originally, a ridiculously young corporate exec, now I run a small design studio. After a couple of years of managing others I realized I would much rather be remembered for doing great work than for telling others how to do it. I also enjoy the one-on-one relationships with clients, without the corporate clutter.

Long Bio

I have accumulated eleven years of combined education and experience in business management and design. After I put myself through business school, I went on to beat three thousand candidates to a management position at a Fortune 500 and biggest brewer in the world, Annheuser Busch-InBev. After a few years of managing fast moving consumer goods, I have made enough money to be able to get out and pursue what I really wanted to do.

I have educated myself in design, researching design curricula, furiously reading all the recommended literature,  exploring design blogs, and completing online courses. I have gained experience by doing projects non-stop both for friends and pro bono for local charities and NGOs. I also put in a year at an advertising agency as a graphic design specialist just to learn how they handle commercial projects, after which I decided to go independent. I figured there was no reason to stay local, so I have built this website to act as a platform for international business.


Self-employment in visual identity design is a particularly nice fit, on the one hand, because the best designs, I found, emerge naturally from an intimate understanding of the client and their business, which is best accomplished by getting to know each other one-on-one. Just bouncing ideas off each other gets quite complicated in any other setup. On the other hand, since I only accept projects which attract me, I am always motivated.

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