By | November 26, 2012

The StarryAds Logo Design

The Client

A sponsored tweet marketplace which allows internet celebrities and popular businesses to make money off products they like by tweeting about them to their followers.

The Challenge

Beyond the typical logo design requests, memorability was the critical factor I had to create. Since the client was a perfectionist, there were a number of additional qualities to convey, such as vibrancy, rebelliousness, youth, innovation, fun, and cost effectiveness.

The Solution

After about a half dozen of logo concept iterations revolving around stars and social media visual metaphors, I’ve come up with the design that nailed the brief.

I’ve decided to create memorability by designing a logo which is also a visual puzzle. I’ve added something that isn’t immediately obvious, but once you see it, you’ll have a hard time forgetting it. For example, you probably didn’t immediately notice the peacock in the NBC logo or the right arrow in the FedEx logo.

On the surface it looks like a star which has been cut with a couple of golden sections, however, if you inspect the negative space and the subtle highlights on the right wing, you will notice the hidden text bubble representing social media referrals.

Starry Ads Social Media Avatar Design

The other attributes such as youth, fun, and cost effectiveness are achieved by the vibrant colors, smooth transitions, and clean, economical style, supported by a high quality typeface which echoes the logo mark.

The mark also works as a favicon, which had to be multi-resolution (16/24/32), to look good across browsers and particularly on retina displays.

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