By | November 26, 2012

Speak To Do Icon DesignThe Product

Speak2Do is an audio to do list and planner app for iOS, designed for highly dynamic situations which make typing difficult, and helps you keep it together with a couple of taps.

The Challenge

This was an unavoidable redesign of the old text based icon, and the client made a specific request for the graphic elements that needed to be present. Therefore, the challenge that emerged was to pack a relaxed squirrel in a hamster wheel with a microphone into an attractive, variable resolution iOS icon.

The Solution

Designing the icon was relatively straightforward, as the client opted for a mascot rather than an abstract mark from the early stages of the design process. Before getting to the final design, there was one other direction I thought we should investigate: a clean, minimal style which helps the viewer immediately recognize the elements:

Speak to Do alternate icon

Both version started as hand drawn pencil sketches, and were then traced using bezier curves.

The technique I’ve used to make the final design appear to be in 3d, besides basic perspective rules was a combination of gradient meshes for highlights, and clipping masks applied to blurred copies of the main shapes for shadows. Lastly, the background is real grass, manipulated to match the colors, lighting, and style of the foreground.

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