A sponsored tweet marketplace which allows internet celebrities and popular businesses to make money off products they like by tweeting about them to their 1k+ followers.

Beyond the typical logo design requests, memorability was the critical factor I had to create. Since the client was a perfectionist, there were a number of additional qualities to convey, such as vibrancy, rebelliousness, youth, innovation, fun, and cost effectiveness.

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Contact Snapper and Business Card Scanner Icon Design

Contact Scanner

A business card to contacts scanner iOS app, integrated with Linked In. Also snaps up QR codes and e-mail signatures, and promises exceptionally high accuracy.

The client gave me a free hand for this one, mentioning only that is should be simple, clean, professional, and have something to do with what the app does. Suffice it to say, I did not disappoint.

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Speak to Do Icon


Speak2Do is an audio to do list and planner app for iOS, designed for situations which make typing difficult, and helps you keep it together with a few taps.

This was an unavoidable redesign of the old text based icon, and the client made a specific request for the graphic elements that needed to be present. Therefore, the emerging challenge was to pack a relaxed squirrel in a hamster wheel with a microphone into an attractive, variable resolution iOS icon.

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Philanthropist is a browser extension that ensures that the user’s Amazon shopping is affiliated with an associates account. This directs a portion of the money the user spends to the projects or people they select, making them Philanthropists.

The design challenge was to create an image for the new extension which makes charity look fun, effortless and noble. Another point to communicate was the user’s anonymity.

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Successful Women Talk

The Founder and CEO of Me Giant Inc. decided to create SWT, “The show created to educate, entertain and empower women”. The episodes feature long format interviews with successful woman entrepreneurs, telling us who they are and how they did it.

The design had to be something all successful female entrepreneurs could stand behind and it had to highlight the focus of the show, i.e. the stories these women tell.

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A passionate iOS app marketing provider, which promises Facebook fans, Twitter followers, copywriting, video reviews, banner ads, link building, landing page design, and app icon design. The AppVersal team live and breathe apps.

The design challenge was to seize the exhaustive nature of AppVersal’s marketing methods while conveying a sense of rebelliousness, which is part of their culture.

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